It was here, my first job as a makeup artist. Thanks to DFMA, I had the opportunity to put myself forward to be a part of the Makeup team for Brighton University’s Fashion students’ end of year show. It would be a bit of a journey, but I had done it before and I knew that the photos would be perfect to add to my portfolio. I also loved the idea that we would be helping the students create a complete look with their clothes and it would showcase to all of their friends, family and university media.

Makeup kitI went down there with one of the girls on my DFMA course, who lived locally to me. The journey took us around an hour and a half which wasn’t too bad at all.  When we got to the location, we also met up with another girl that was on our course. I think this gave us all a little bit more confidence and helped with our nerves as we knew we could support each other.

We trekked through the streets of Brighton carrying our full makeup and hair kits in the rain. Luckily it was only light, but enough to make us wet and not look as presentable as when we set out! We had time to stop for a coffee and some lunch luckily so that gave us a chance to sort ourselves out before promoting ourselves as Makeup Artists.

When we arrived at the studio we were greeted by a lovely lady who was the course co-ordinator. She was so lively, bubbly and excited to see us! This instantly made us feel welcome and confident about what we were going to be doing. She had prepared a mood board on the wall for us saying what look they wanted to go for. This was simple white eyeliner, nude but glowing faces and slicked back, wet look hair. We were relieved to know that it was only a simple makeup that we had to do, but it looked so effective when the models were all dressed!

Model #2A lot of the girls I done makeup on were students that had travelled from another country to study in the UK. There were 2 girls from Cyprus, a girl from Sweden and a guy from Germany. Hearing their stories of home, why they came to the UK and what they think about living here really fascinated me. This wasn’t an aspect of being a makeup artist I had ever thought about, all of the interesting people you’d meet on an everyday basis. This made the afternoon fly by for me and I was finished before you knew it!

We had to do touch-ups just before the models went onto the runway and that was hectic. Some of the outfits were skin tight and roll necks so a lot of the hair and makeup had to be re-applied before they set off. It was good though as we had a chance to see all of the finished looks and the amazing clothes the students had produced.

I would love to be a part of fashion shows again in the future. They are fact paced but rewarding and they style of makeup always created a huge impact when on stage.